Thursday, November 20, 2014

Our website is up and runnning :

APM GLOBAL is a Singapore manufacturer and distributor for high tech security access and monitoring system.
With the ever growing global need for anti-terrorism and security measures, APM GLOBAL is constantly investing heavily in research and development, engineering personnel and quality production management process in order to deliver the most dependable and highest quality products in the industry.
Together with our networks of impeccable sales and service supports which has enable us to reach out to the international markets by eliminating any bottlenecks / problems from serving our worldwide customers, distributors and partners. Providing them with our top of the notch products and services in a fast and efficient manner.
APM GLOBAL = Advance/ Proactive/ Miraculous

Our Mission

Value Our Employee Employees are our most valuable assets and we embrace and nurture each of them. Is our company objective to always promote a balance work life and family for them. We are always looking for ways to develop our people to be the best they can be and unleash their fullest potentials. We are a people focused company.

Integrity and Honesty We are committed to stand by our word and action consistently and rigorously with integrity and honesty.

Resilience Our employees are empower with knowledge and skill set which enable them to provides quality service
during adversity. This is always in line with our company resilience professional development.

Effective Teamwork We work as an effective team and take prides in our works. Cohesiveness and collaborative are
instil amongst our company and with those whom we serve to attain the goals.

Commitment to Quality and Service Customer satisfaction is our first priority. We are dedicated to serve our customers with fast,
dependable and reliable service. We ask our employees to treat our customers, as they would wish to be treated.


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